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How To Stop Smokin Without Mind-Altering Drugs Or Ineffective Patches

It is too easy for smokers to feel like they are prisoners. They wake up, they have to do something they know, deep down, they don't really want to do…they smoke. They eat a meal and afterwards, they have to light up. People hate their smoking habits. They hate the routine smoking imposes and they hate the eventual results of smoking-cancer and death. As much as people intellectually hate smoking, they just can't stop smokin. It is easy to say 'I will stop smokin' but after awhile, there's something that prevents you from making any progress on your efforts to stop smokin. For you to make real progress, you have to get a clear understanding of how cigarette addiction works and what you can do to effectively stop smokin. If you just get up and randomly try different things to stop smokin, chances are you'll fail. Why? You don't have a clear understanding of what it takes to stop smokin and you eventually stumble and your addiction gets worse.


How nicotine addiction works

Think back when you first started to smoke. Maybe it was due to peer pressure or maybe somebody handed you a cigarette when you were really stressed. Regardless of your first experience with tobacco, chance are quite high that it wasn't very pleasant. Cigarette smoke makes you cough. If you puff deeply enough, cigarettes can give you brain-splitting headaches. If tobacco was so unpleasant, how did you get addicted? Very simple, your mind overrode the unpleasant sensations and developed an addiction to the ritual of smoking and physical effects of nicotine. If you want to truly stop smokin, the smoking-cessation method you choose must neutralize both the emotional/psychological and physical triggers of nicotine addiction. Otherwise, you'll just be wasting your time.

Why other stop smokin methods fail

Strong doctor prescribed drugs have been used to stop smoking temporarily. However, people pay a steep price in terms of brain chemistry and brain health. We just don't know what the long-term effects of these types of drugs on your brain. Alternatively, people try patches or nicotine gum to stop smokin. These aren't effective ways of dealing with addiction because they only stop your physical cravings. Your mental cravings remain.


stop smokin


Why hypnosis helps stop smokin

Hypnosis  provides a very effective way to stop smokin. In effect, hypnosis neutralizes the mental impulses you get that triggers your need for cigarettes. While your patches and gums can wean some people off nicotine for usually a short period of time, you are able to stop smokin permanently with hypnosis because it short-circuits the association your mind has with certain triggers. Like waking up in the morning, getting stuck in traffic, getting bored, and other factors.

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