Smoking Facts

Some Unpleasant FACTS About Smoking You Should Be Aware Of…

More people die and are hospitalised every year through smoking – related illnesses than any other disease.

If smoking were discovered today, it would never pass any world health
and safety requirements standards for human use and with the toxins
& carcinogens smoking puts into the human body, it would be classed
as a “dangerous toxic poison” and not available for  public use.

Coronary heart disease is the single most common cause of death in
people aged under 65’s and smoking is the main cause. 18 in every
100 stroke deaths are associated with smoking.

4 out of 5 lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking. Smoking is now
also proving to be associated with cancer of the larynx, bladder,
prostate, kidney, cervix, esophagus, stomach, bowel, pancreas, breast,
liver and thyroid.

Smoking leads to emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Smoking leads to disease and collapse of peripheral arteries which can lead to amputation.

Smoking increases your risk of heart attack tenfold.

Cigarettes contain nearly 300 chemicals (100 toxic) as a result of
processing, which turn into an incredible 5000 when burnt, including
dangerous hydrocarbons. Amongst tar and nicotine, are arsenic, cyanide,
formaldehyde and Benzene. Take one moment to imagine what that’s
doing to your body over time?

Cigarettes contain DNA genetic deformation substances (deadly Nitrosamines). Still think it looks cool to smoke?

Make no mistake, smoking is an ADDICTION, not just a habit. And just
like any other addiction, it has you chained to it – whether you
realise it or not. Nicotine addiction is no different to any other
drug addiction, yet ironically it’s legal!

If I were to announce a discovery that would addict millions upon
millions of people, cause tens of thousands of  deaths, illness,
disability, make obscene amounts of profit, and have the blessing of
every government in the world, even though its effect is costing them
billions in health care, I’d be declared insane. Yet we accept smoking,
hardly without question!

We all know it’s
stupid, I haven’t met a smoker yet that hasn’t agreed if there was a
“magic wand” that would make  them stop overnight they wouldn’t
hesitate to use it .

Amid all the claims of miraculous cures to stopping smoking, there’s very few expectations met. I know, I’ve seen them all.

The MOBILE SMOKE BUSTERS Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy system is the closest thing to a magic wand there is, and all you need to do is have the true desire to stop killing yourself!

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