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How can nicotine patches help you Quit Smoking


If you have tried to Quit Smoking for some time now, your inability to quit smoking might be due to the fact you don't understand your dependence on nicotine all that much. Too many people who try to quit smoking go about their efforts without a firm understanding of how addiction works. As a result, they often fail because either their approach only takes care of one part of the equation or only focuses on the other part. There are two parts to cigarette addiction-mental and physical dependence. When you get hooked on cigarettes, you are both physically and mentally addicted. People who try methods that help them to quit smoking often aren't aware that the methods they're using only handle either the physical or mental side of their addiction. Not surprisingly, their efforts to quit smoking fail. Maybe they don't fail immediatly but they eventually fail. Maybe it takes weeks or even months. But as long as people try to quit smoking without a comprehensive approach, they are really just trying temporary methods at stopping their cigarette addiction.


Patches to the rescue?

Nicotine patches have been out in the market for a long time. They say they help you quit smoking by using a gradual approach. You apply the patch to get your nicotine fix for the day. After a period of time, maybe weeks or even months, you keep decreasing the dosage. Eventually, you are supposed to lose physical dependence and you stop smoking. Well, at least this is how many people who use patches quit smoking hope it will work. This is the idea behind using patches to Quit Smoking. Sadly, it doesn't work that for many smokers.Quite Smoking

You need a mental approach too

While patches work for a small majority of people looking to quit smoking by supposedly handling physical dependence, they do nothing to tackle mental dependence. This why many people fail to quit smoking using patches. They couldn't get over the mental addiction. This is why using hypnosis can help you quit smoking forever. If you are serious about your efforts to quit smoking, you have to quit smoking through both physical approaches and mental techniques. Hypnosis techniques target both these areas. Mental and physical methods must be dealt with together.

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