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Get off marijuana – kick the habit – no need to attend a drug clinic – no need to attend a 12 step program – get off weed – come off cannabis – get off pot fast – be finished with marijuana addiction forever.

Success rates in rehabs are extremely low….normally between 5% to 10%.

If you are ready for an approach that is focused on results, your power, your strengths and a bright future, then you are in the right place. It is essential to change the way you feel and think about alcohol and drugs, and to create a lasting commitment that will finally end your struggle forever.

Hypnosis has been shown to be extremely effective with the breaking of addictions and habits.

Trying to stop smoking pot is thought to be very challenging because the user craves for it at a subconscious level, and that’s why simply relying on willpower can be very ineffective. Hypnotherapy by contrast, is very effective and helpful as it deals with the psychological reasons that use marijuana. It helps you embed at a subconscious level, positive and affirmative new goals and habits rather than relying on willpower alone.

An Effective Way To Stop
It is possible to end the habit quickly and painlessly with Hypnotherapy and NLP. I use a very effective combination of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and after an initial talk of how your thoughts
about marijuana produce the craving, we use Hypnotherapy and NLP at a subconscious level so that events that used to trigger thoughts or using of cannabis are reduced or eliminated.

How long will it take me to stop this addiction?

By using this combination of NLP and hypnotherapy, most people only need an initial 90 minute session, with some people requiring one or two further one hour sessions.

You can use hypnotherapy to help you get rid of your cannabis habit quickly and painlessly

There is another way to describe cannabis addiction: a compulsion, a craving. Hypnotherapy can help by addressing the compulsion directly, removing the craving quickly and painlessly. We also help you conquer any fears you may have about life without cannabis. And can show you how to build a forceful idea of life after marijuana. An idea of how good it can feel to be free, of telling yourself you have finally done the job, of being able to see more clearly now the smoke has cleared.

Making an end of a long-term habit

Use of marijuana in whatever form (solid, resin, weed etc) can last for tens of years, and the intake often increases as the body adjusts to the dose. For many of our clients it became a way of life. Most people seeking help have reached a point where they can no longer bear being so reliant on the substance. Many studies agree thatcannabis use does not result in physical dependency; people may become psychologically dependent. The fact that we are dealing with psychological dependency is what makes hypnotherapy/NLP so appropriate a treatment

Whereas the body quickly gets rid of Nicotine, Marijuana stays around in the blood stream, its effects still noticeable on the mind, reducing the ability to focus. It also can bring about mild to severe anxiety symptoms after prolonged use. Marijuana smoke also deposits about 4 time more tar on the lungs and around 7000 published and scientific studies document the ill effects of smoking marijuana including a 5 times higher risk of heart attack.

Ready to Kick the Habit?
A common misconception among many people today is that marijuana is much like cigarettes in that they are both physically addictive and it is so very hard to stop smoking them because of cravings within the body.

This is in fact very wrong!

This idea probably came about because to most people, a joint and a cigarette are the same since they are both smoked, but unlike tobacco smoking, marijuana doesn't contain any chemicals that can be physically addictive to people. This means that the urge to continue smoking pot is more about the psychological reasons, rather than the body needing the drug.

A complete system to train you to stop drinking too much.

A combination of self hypnosis and NLP that has successfully helped numerous people to get their life back in order and help you put an end to their drinking and drugging problems for good.

With some people who undergo hypnotherapy, they will often require only one or two sessions, and stop completely or have noticeable relief. After that, if further sessions are required, they can either be stretched out to a maintenance level when required.

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If you think about it, it is a very small price to pay to achieve a happy, healthy life, so it’s no wonder my clients are forever grateful for my hypnosis sessions!

I hope my answers has been helpful. Please give me a call if you have further questions

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All the best in health

Michael Parr

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Quit Smoking Marijuana – Hypnosis Is By Far The Most Efficient Solution.

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