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Don’t let a lack of confidence stop you from performing well, seizing opportunities or speaking in public with confidence!
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You will start feeling more confident from your first session because the therapy works by talking directly to your subconscious mind. You will feel confident from the inside and show it on the outside within one or two sessions of the therapy.If you are ready for an approach that is focused on
results, your power, your strengths and a bright future, then you are in the right place. 


Do you know one person who thinks that self confidence is not the foundation of a successful and effective life?

If you are suffering from low self esteem and lack of confidence then no matter how much you read about how you should act, what you should do and how you should think, if you do not have enough confidence to take that leap and start acting like that you will not be able to overcome your difficulties. If you are one of those people who have tried everything else and tried to build their confidence but met with failure, then finally get the results you want with hypnosis as a quick and easy alternative. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective method to instill and enhance confidence.

Being self confident is much easier when you have your Sub-Conscious mind working with you instead of against you.

Hypnosis works by developing the right side of the brain during an alert or heightened state of awareness of that part of your brain. It temporarily reduces the “noise” from the logical, calculating left side of the brain in order for the right side of the brain to activate and become more open to ideas and suggestions. Hypnosis allows us to communicate to what is known as the subconscious part of the brain. Hypnosis is therefore able to directly combat the underlying problems that cause a lack of confidence. You will not have to do any extra confidence building exercises because you will be confident and self-assured from the moment you complete your therapy sessions. Hypnosis is able to get right into the core of the problem and tackle your emotional requirements directly so you will start feeling better and refreshed almost immediately.

Confidence cannot be measured, but it can be enhanced and developed.

Through hypnosis, I can help you gain the tools and confidence to move into the world full of hope and to reach your goals and ambitions. Choose to reach your potential and watch your self esteem and confidence soar! Let me assist you to become the person you know you can be…true change is within us all…true change is within you!

Hypnosis is a highly effective therapy for taking control of your life and reprogramming your brain to start feeling better about yourself. The therapy sessions allow you to take control of your feelings, boost
confidence, improve your social skills and improve your working life. If you lack confidence to meet new people, conduct verbal presentations, deliver effectively in work, speak your mind in meetings, be yourself around others or you just want to stop thinking negatively all the time, the therapy sessions will help to solve all of these issues and more.

A lack of confidence can have a significant impact on your life and prevent you from achieving your goals and rewards.

If you work closely with clients over the phone or in person, the ability to conduct conversations with confidence, and effective verbal delivery are a vital element of your job, and you may feel stressed out, tired, depressed, concerned, nervous and worried before you even start talking. Many people after undergoing hypnosis therapy have reported job promotions, rewards and benefits from their new confidence. With our hypnosis sessions, your client interaction worries are a thing of the past and you can comfortably and easily meet and greet to the
best of your ability without the stress and worry of thinking you will make a mistake.

Does every event seem clouded by doubt and displeasure because of low self confidence?

How can we stand tall in a room full of people when our minds are racing and every move feels forced and uncomfortable?
Occasionally we catch a glimpse in the mirror and our thoughts turn to the way we look rather than focusing on our surroundings. Or someone makes a witty comment and we struggle to respond. In our mind we think everyone is focused directly on these flaws we perceive to be so immense. Life just isn’t fun when you have low self confidence and think and feel like this.

A lot of people have some insecurities, but some of us struggle more than others.

We may have doubts about our physical attractiveness, or are unhappy with a particular aspect of our appearance. Others may fear they don’t measure up to others intellectually or dislike the way they sound when they speak. Regardless of what fuels these unhappy emotions we are left feeling defeated and unsure of ourselves. When
we lack self confidence our lives suffer as a result.



Self confidence is just a state of mind. Self confidence is a way of
thinking that brings conviction to our conversations and security to our smiles. The power of self confidence is undeniable and magnetising. With a confident air you can have an entire room listening to you speak. Even if your topic isn’t particularly captivating, you can be.
With self confidence you generate a positive energy that radiates charm. Men and women alike want to be around people who embody this strength and display confidence. Being confident is easier than you think.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Feel more comfortable and relaxed in social situations!
  • Delight in newfound friendships and relationships!
  • Believe in yourself and achieve your full potential!
It is time to stop holding yourself back. You deserve to release your insecurities and experience a new way of thinking and feeling. 


Hypnotherapy / self hypnosis is a form of creative relaxation which helps you to replace the doubts that flood your subconscious mind and result in unpleasant thoughts and feelings. You can finally begin to feel confident, stronger and more secure than ever before.

“Can Hypnosis Really Help Me?”
If you are the most submissive person around and have absolutely no self-confidence, then yes, hypnosis is definitely what you need. If you exude feelings of inferiority, deep shyness, and avoid many opportunities in life for fear of failure, hypnosis is the assistance you cannot do without. However, do not think that it will happen
instantly with miraculous results in moments. No one is going to inject self-confidence into you, but a hypnotherapist can definitely work wonders with you.

I just don’t want someone messing with my mind

You have to understand that hypnosis is not that at all, it’s just a matter of making you relaxed enough that you open your own subconscious mind where your lack of confidence is stored within your thoughts. Then suggestions will be made that will begin to turn that around for you thus replacing your very negative thoughts about yourself with much more positive thoughts about your self confidence.

But how does it work?

Your professional hypnosis session will deliver a profound and long-lasting improvement to your self-confidence, thus releasing you from the self-doubt and lack of confidence negativity you had been feeling.During your session, you will be rehearsing new situations in conduct that will enable you to develop an astounding degree of confidence. This will then be impressed on your subconscious mind so that when you desire to deal with particular situations in the future, subsequently you will be able to act with confidence in a spontaneous manner, becausethose resources have been embedded into your subconscious, and thus those resources will be instantly accessible to you.

Amazing, tell me more

As an end result of hypnotherapy, you can become skilled at being so much more relaxed concerning all situations of your life, and therefore you will have a positive attitude to whatever life throws at you. This means the way you think about yourself will be entirely unlike the negative way you now. In place of being filled with uncertainty and the negative self-talk you have now; you will note that you have a much more upbeat and positive attitude about yourself.

Brand new self-confidence. Your “new to you” self confidence will enable you to:

  • Finally feel a sense of independence
  • Radiate optimism
  • Be seen as an eager person
  • Be more charismatic
  • Know that you can handle challenges completely resourcefully

Remember confidence is highly contagious too!

What’s interesting about self-confident individuals is that those who come in contact with them find that it’s very contagious. You will be seen as a valued member of society, and someone that others wish to gravitate to. You will have respect from peers as well as strangers thatyou come in contact with. With some people who undergo hypnotherapy, they will often require only one or two sessions, and stop completely or have noticeable relief.
After that, if further sessions are required, they can either be stretched out to a maintenance level when required.

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If you think about it, it is a very small price to pay to achieve a happy, healthy life, so it’s no wonder my clients are forever grateful for my hypnosis sessions!

I hope my answers has been helpful. Please give me a call if you have further questions

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