Are Alcohol Or Drugs Stopping You From Living Your Life?

  • Are Alcohol Or Drugs Stopping You From Living Your Life?
  • Are You Ready To Finally Change Your Life?
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Do You Feel Trapped In A Life Of Pain, Unhappiness, And Addiction?
You Can Dwell On The Past And Struggle With Your Addiction Forever….
Or You Can
Focus On Your Future, And Be Empowered To Grow And Change
We Focus On What You Will Be…Not On What You Were!

Do you feel like you’ve been leading a dual existence; one that includes a regular life and career and another that is riddled with addictive behavior? Are you tired of going to great lengths to hide your addiction from your friends and business associates?

Success rates in many rehabs are extremely low….between 5% to 10%. If you are ready for an approach that is focused on results, your power, your strengths and a bright future, then you are in the right place.
It is essential to change the way you feel and think about alcohol and drugs, and to create a lasting commitment that will finally end your struggle forever.

This unique approach will stop the cravings and create a solid belief that you are a non drinker or drug taker.

  • Stop or reduce drinking alcohol.
  • Stop or reduce your drug problem.
  • Regain your freedom and happiness.
  • Regain your pride and control

“I had been drinking for over 20 years and had tried many times and ways to stop, including rehab, cold turkey will-power…you name it. A few days or weeks I would be right back to where I was only feeling worse about myself after another failed attempt to quit drinking. I never could get over the desire to have just one more drink. I was recommended by an associate who had stopped drinking with the Mobile Habit Busters program and it immediately changed my thinking and gave me a new sense of hope. I have now been sober 10 months and haven’t had a desire to drink in about 9 and half months. I now have dreams and goals again! I have a new life…..Thank you so much.” Kirsty R.

“No more desire to drink… doesn’t bother me at all. I still play golf with my drinking buddy’s and I am often asked to be the designated driver! Ironic after numerous drink driving charges. I am extremely proud of myself and happier then I have ever been. Really can’t thank you enough.” Darren G

‘I have bad drinking habits!’
There are many reasons why someone gets into the excessive drinking or drug taking habit. Sometimes, it is peer pressure, sometimes it is an ‘escape’ from stress. Whatever the reason for this kind of problem, just know it is a habit, and habits are being changed each and every hour of each and every day.

‘How do I know if I have a Drinking Problem?’
Problem drinkers tend to do one or more of the following things before they go out for a drink:

  • They look forward to drinking loads
  • They worry they may drink too much
  • They think about drinking too much and hope they can control themselves
  • They fear they will drink too much
  • They hardly give it a thought at all

A responsible drinker, is someone who goes out and has two or three drinks, doesn’t worry they will drink too much, or hope they can control themselves, or fear getting drunk. What they do is have a clear idea of what they ARE going to drink.

Some people want to cut back on the amount of alcohol they consume, and some people want to stop drinking completely…which is right for you?
This would depend on you being realistic with yourself and it can be discussed in our consultation. For some people the only option is to stop completely…and believe me, when you do you will be amazed at how much better and fun life can be without Alcohol!

If you are planning to cut back on the amount you drink, you need to plan what you ARE going to drink
This may sound obvious and simple, but we simply train your mind to be in control ahead of times. These are fundamental straightforward techniques that are successfully employed in therapeutic sessions every day.

Are drinking problems getting worse?
The sad answer is that in many areas, yes, they are. Excessive drinking and drug taking is on the increase, and more and more stories are being reported by the press, month by month. Drinking and drugging too much doesn’t just affect the young, however, people of any age can develop bad drinking habits. Fortunately though there is an answer and it is possible to do something about it.

Abusing alcohol causes both physical problems such as liver damage, high blood pressure, heart trouble; and social problems such as difficulties with relationships, finances, work.

Alcohol abuse, as with all addictions, lies to you by promising escape from anxiety, relaxation, improved sleep; then in the long term steals much, much more than it gives.And alcohol abuse is difficult to deal with simply by trying to resist it – what is needed is a real change in attitude to alcohol.

Those who are able to easily say ‘no’ to a drink have changed their relationship with alcohol so that they no longer crave what it promises. Hypnosis can be effective for escaping from the Alcohol trap because it helps you make thosechanges ‘deep down’ to get rid of the drives that keep pushing you to drink. Using hypnosis, drugs and alcohol can lose their hold over you remarkably quickly.

A complete system to train you to stop drinking too much.
a combination of self hypnosis and NLP that has successfully helped numerous people to get their life back in order and help you put an end to their drinking and drugging problems for good.

With some people who undergo hypnotherapy, they will often require only one or two sessions, and stop completely or have noticeable relief. After that, if further sessions are required, they can either be stretched out to a maintenance level when required.

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