Mobile Hypnosis Therapy

We personally come to you and conduct a relaxing private hypnotherapy session with you, at a time and place of your convenience.  Alternatively you can have the session done at our Clinic in Chatswood or Newtown.

Experience professional hypnotherapy within the privacy of your own home, office, or anywhere in Australia, overseas, or at our Clinics in Chatswood or Newtown.

Please, come and experience a different way to quit smoking… and for most people without the agonizing suffering of withdrawal and irritability because you have had to fight off one urge after another, after another.

The British Medical Association recognizes hypnotherapy as an effective method of therapy.

If your previous attempts to quit have been unsuccessful, or even if this is the first time you have resolved to quit smoking forever, you’re certainly not alone. In fact Most “Quit Smoking” methods have a very low success rate because they rely either on “willpower” or substituting one addiction for another (e.g. in the case of patches).

About our Program

Our program uses Advanced Neuro-Hypnotic Methods. We specialise in and have worked with many thousands of smokers over the previous 30+ years. We have developed our program over these years, and specifically target the issues smokers experience when trying to quit smoke.

Each hypnotherapy session are one hour long and focuses on reducing the ‘urges’ to smoke. If in the event you start smoking again within the first year, we do provide a free subsequent session to help you fight your urges to smoke.

What Exactly Is Hypnosis? Can I Really Be Hypnotised?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation… blissful peace and comfort in which the door to your subconscious mind is open. Any information that you want to embed in your subconscious mind “slips right in through the open door”… This is how very deep, long-time habits can be changed in what seems to be an incredibly short time.

Some people are doubtful that they can be hypnotized. The reality is, all of us (who don’t suffer from any severe neurological or psychological disorders) can be hypnotized, if we allow ourselves to be.

The Procedure And What To Expect

The procedure for going into hypnosis is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, and although people can experience hypnosis differently, the procedure simply revolves around allowing the client to feel comfortable, relaxed and safe at all times. The client is always in control. During the procedure of creating this restful hypnotic trans- state the client is comfortably sitting up ( we prefer this to lying down ) and because our service is mobile, the client feels confident and secure in their own home or office. Alternatively you can choose to come to our clinics.

Side Effects

We do tell clients not to drive for a few minutes after hypnotherapy because, similar to waking up in the morning you need to re-orientate for a couple of minutes. The feeling of coming out of hypnosis, is the same as anytime you may have been deeply relaxed.


We have an extremely high success rate in our hypnosis sessions*, but also offer one additional session within the first year, free of charge if you experience relapse.

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How does the Mobile Smoke Busters program work?

You are awake and in complete control with our method of hypnosis. You will feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful… perhaps the deepest peace and comfort you have ever felt, or in a long, long time.

You will still be aware. You will still hear things around you. And you will be in complete control at all times. It’s just that since the door to your subconscious mind is wide open, any information that you want to accept is accepted as easily as a sponge soaks up water… and that new information becomes part of your new “programming”… the subconscious programming that rules – with an iron fist – how you think and feel about cigarettes and smoking.

Our method combines traditional hypnosis techniques with the most advanced rapid change methods… plus my own proprietary techniques, developed after working with so many smokers over three decades.

If You Are Serious About Stopping Smoking…Try Hypnosis!

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